Transcribe The Word: Harvest Is Plenty Laborers Are Few: Bible Study Materials

Study begins on Oct 1st!

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Bible Study Materials

In this four-week study, we will look at four laborers, Moses, David, Ruth and Paul who were chosen by God to provide leadership for his people. Laborers used in his ultimate plan to lead the harvest to Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior. Thank God that Christ is the Lord of the harvest!

Let’s use their examples in our own lives to go forth and labor for the Lord and lead his lost sheep to him. We are all called to go forth into the world and proclaim the good news that Jesus is Lord!

“And he said to them, Go you into all the world, and preach the gospel …” Mark 16:15

We will begin this study on Sunday Oct 1st! Now’s the time to invite family, friends, co-workers, study groups or whoever you believe would benefit from this study for the next 4 weeks!

I’ve put together and provided easy and simple study journals and materials that takes just 10-15 mins a day (or as long as you like). I know that you’re going to enjoy SOAPing through Gods word this month 🙂

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Here’s the materials you’ll need

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I pray that you’ll use all of the resources I provide! If there is something missing that you need or suggest – please let me know. I’ll be SO excited if you join us and can’t wait to see you back on Oct 1st when we start this next study!

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