Transcribe The Word – Why Is Satan Tempting Me? Bible Study & Journal

Satan. Oh Satan! Dealing with Satan is an everyday battle that we all have to go through. But why? I guess it’s in our DNA, because Jesus told us that we would go through trials and tribulations here on earth. It all stems back to the Garden of Eden days. He also told us that we would suffer BECAUSE of Him.

In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, – 2 Timothy 3:12

In this 4-week study, we will learn why Satan tempts us all of the time. We will learn how to speak and meditate on Gods word, when he tries to steal our joy. And we will learn how to ultimately defeat him when we face him head on!

Spend some time with our Lord, Mon-Fri, taking this challenge. Sat-Sun is your time to spend as you please. Don’t worry If you get behind, just pick up where you left off with no pressure to catch up.

Feel free to invite family, friends, co-workers, study groups or whoever you believe would benefit from this study (Mon-Fri) for the next 4-weeks!

I’ve provided easy and simple materials in just 10-15 mins a day (or as long as you like).  I’ve also applied the SOAP bible study method to my challenges. Click Here to learn more about SOAPing through Gods word! It will help you dig deeper into Gods word…

Why Is Satan Tempting Me Bible Study & E-Journal
$5.00 US

Order your Transcribe The Word: Why Is Satan Tempting Me? Study & E-Journal for only $5!  

  • You’ll get my 4-week study and SOAP journal pages to read along and write what you are learning.
  • You’ll also receive 4-weeks of “Transcribe Your Prayers” pages to journal your requests and praises to God on a daily basis.
  • You’ll save this 52 pg. PDF on your desktop or print the pages to add to your favorite journal binder.