Wendy Wonders: Why Are We Different?

Wendy Wonders is a 5 1/2-year-old girl, who’s curious about life and its mysteries.

She asks questions like: “How do the trees grow so tall?” And “why are the ocean blue and the sun yellow?”

When new neighbors move into the vacant house across the street, she wonders why they look a little different? And when she goes in search of the answer, she finds that the answer was waiting for her all along.

Wendy Wonders: Why Are We Different? is the first Christian picture book for 4-8 yr olds in the Wendy Wonders series, that both children and adults will enjoy – and learn about God’s plan for their lives at the same time!

Great way to teach your children about tolerance and diversity and how we truly came to be…*Book also includes a Wendy Wonders coloring page!

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