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Following Jesus 101 Ministries with Wanda Ball shares Christian Faith Basics to beginners and people of all ages, in all walks of life, from Gods word in the Bible.

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Followers of Jesus are dedicated to learning and living quality lives with Jesus Christ right from the start!

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Jesus Everyday!

A FREE 30-DAY Lesson To Mastering A Consistent Bible Study & Prayer Life For You!

Many believers find it challenging to spend quality time with Jesus each day. While this isn’t intentional, it often stems from a lack of information and motivation.

Can you relate? I certainly can! It’s all too easy to feel misinformed, misled, or simply too busy or disinterested in deepening our relationship with God. But there’s hope!

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Don’t Know Jesus?

Who is this Jesus? Is He the True Savior? Seek Him while He can be found!

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New Believer?

New to the Faith? Here’s how to build or rebuild your new life with Christ!

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New To Bible Study?

Transcribe The Word uses the S.O.A.P method of study for simple learning!

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