Following Jesus 101 – Gospel of Matthew 5-Week Bible Study Plan

I hope you'll join me and countless others as we read through the Gospel of Matthew starting Sept 1st - Oct 3rd!

We are still on a journey to learn how and why following Jesus is the best thing to ever happen to us!

I'm excited, encouraged and motivated to continue down the path of discovery! How about you? So, who's In?

I'm just a woman who's a sinner saved by grace through Jesus Christ - my personal Savior

Words Of Encouragement

A Prayer For the Country

As you all are aware, this world is currently going through division, despair and uncontrollable anger.  Some live in constant fear, having the attitude of “I need to get them – before they get me!” Senseless killings between law enforcement and minority people as well as killings among ourselves are becoming a every day occurrence. […]

Gospel of John: Bible Reading Plan Challenge Week 3

This is Week 3’s summary of Following Jesus 101: Gospel of John – Bible Reading Plan Challenge! This week Jesus is still showing the people who He is. He’s performing miracles by giving sight to the blind and raising Lazarus from the dead. He’s also starting to claim that He’s the messiah and the Jewish […]

Gospel of John: Bible Reading Plan Challenge Week 2

Praise God! We made it through Week 2 of Following Jesus 101: Gospel of John – Bible Reading Plan Challenge! This week we have started to learn who Jesus is and why He came to save us. This week’s scriptures were all based on Jesus meeting new people (believers and non-believers) who needed signs and […]

Be Inspired

Having known Wanda Ball all my life, I know her to be a God fearing woman. She has a true understanding of Christ and can relate from her own experiences. Her book, 'The gods of this World' helped me personally with my own son. He wanted to get a tattoo and being a Chriatian myself, I knew that we are not to mark our bodies. I was able to refer him to a part in her book about what God says about tattoos. This part in particular: The scripture clearly says in Lev 19:28 that God does not approve of ANY tattoos and never did. And because God is against it, Satan glorifies and abuses it. The root of tattooing never changes. It will always be a pagan, spiritual ritual. Because my son saw this in writing and scripture, he has not asked about it again. ~LaDonna Foster, Wells Fargo Advisor