Kids Ask The Darndest Things About God And The History: Answers From The Next Twelve Books Of The Bible

Kids ask the most amazing questions about God and the history of the bible.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have answers for questions like – How can the sun stand still and the moon stop? How can a stone be a witness? How can a hundred people eat with only twenty loaves of bread?

This second edition of the Books of the Bible series continues to answer those questions your kids have about the bible and its’ historical nature. Written in kid-friendly language, “Kids Ask The Darndest Things About God And The History” is designed to be easily read and understood.

This book provides an excellent reference tool for every parent and Sunday school.

Inside you’ll continue to find:

  • Amazing questions kids want to know!
  • Answers simply explained!
  • Bible verses from the New International Bible version!
  • New motivational minutes!
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