The gods Of This World: Exposing The Occults Of Modern Day Satan

The gods Of This WorldVampires, Witches, Tattoos, and Yoga are not as innocent as you think!

The occult world is nothing new in our modern day society. Aspects of the occult such as – Astrology, Vampires, Black and White Magic, Psychics, Tattoos and even Yoga are all forms of the occult world that Satan uses for his purposes against God.

These godly practices have become commonplace in today’s society. And dabbling in them can lead into a dangerous spiritual world that is hard to get out of.

The gods Of This World will give you a clear understanding of what to look for in these enticing practices. Valuable features in this book will give you answers to – Why The Occult Is So Popular? How The Occult Can Affect You And Your Home! To Occults In The Media and How To Become Delivered From The Occult!

Wanda L. Ball finds that the only answer for deliverance from the occult world is through Jesus Christ.

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