New! Personal Growth Bible Studies That Tear Down Strongholds

  1. Do you ever feel like your problems overshadow your faith in Jesus Christ?
  2. Are there a number of strongholds, such as insecurity, rejection, stress, addiction, loneliness and the like, that’s currently tearing you down?
  3. Is Satan currently dictating your life or Jesus?

These are legitimate questions that most Christians should ask themselves on a daily basis. Me included! The problems occur when the spiritual answers to these questions, take a back seat and overwhelm us.

As you know, our lives are no different from anyone else’s. Many Christians are frequent victims of Satan’s strongholds. However, the BIG difference is we have a Savior who provides every answer to every stronghold in His word! Praise God 🙂

The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.” 2 Cor 10:4

About a year ago, I created Transcribe The Word which is a 5-day online topical bible study and journal challenge designed to quickly learn and dive into Gods word in just 10-15 mins a day based on a monthly theme. They are still available if you would like to check them out here.

I ended it in April 2018, because I felt that I was struggling with topics of study, however God was also allowing me to figure out what would work best for me and my busy readers! God sees and knows all and He knows when we struggle and need His help.

That being said…

I asked my readers, “how could I be of more service?” Thankfully, they answered – so I will be providing personal growth bible studies that address your personal strongholds. These holds tend to consume or overpower the life that God has intended for you to live!

My new personal growth bible studies will be provided as simple guides, with questions that dig deep along with scripture to defeat whatever stronghold or problem you’re facing on a constant basis.

In order to grow, we should bring our problems out into the open. Keeping them inside only leads to turmoil and destruction. We are not made to go through this world alone! We must support each other and stand on Gods word together!

The first study will start Monday, August 13th! I would love for you to Join Us and Sign Up below to receive it directly to your inbox once released. If you are joining after this date, no worries! Simply Sign Up and you’ll start receiving them as updated. 🙂

All you’ll need is a bible or bible app, journal notebook and pen to write down the questions and answers and an open heart to learn!

These studies will help you:
  • Reflect and reveal the truth behind the most common strongholds that you face.
  • Provide Gods supporting scripture with help, support and answers you desire and need.
  • Allow quiet time between you and God or friends and family to journal your truth and renew your mind!

Great for your one-on-one time with God on a daily or weekly basis, with a partner or in a small bible study group. I will also offer freebies to download per study as weekly keepsake reminders!

If you are currently struggling with something that has a hold over you and want to rid yourself, please leave me a comment below! This allows me to create future bible studies to address your needs…

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