How to use SOAP in your Bible Study

how to use soap in your bible study

In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s hard to find time to read and study Gods word on a daily basis.

I have tried reading daily devotional scriptures and recently committed to reading the bible in a year (yea me)! My desire was to do better, but never stuck to a bible study reading plan that consistently worked.

So with much prayer, I’ve researched and combined the SOAP bible study method with my own plan that works for me and prayerfully for you too!

I found this to be the simplest, quick but fulfilling way to absorb Gods written word on a daily basis for those who are inconsistent, unmotivated and very busy!

You may or may not have heard or read about the SOAP bible study method before. I’ve come across it before, but never really used it in my previous bible studies or daily reading. But once I decided to create a monthly bible study challenge for myself and my readers, I found this method to be one of the best ways to dig deeper into Gods word.

What is SOAP?

SOAP stands for S – Scripture, O – Observation, A – Application, P – Prayer

When you quiet your mind and read Gods word using a daily plan or just at your leisure, it’s great to read, write, observe, apply and pray over what God is telling you for the day.

Studies show that when you tend to write things down, it’s easier to memorize and reflect on what you’ve written when needed. You can recall Gods word when you need help or as praise in the good or bad times! Gods word is always relevant and will never pass away. It’s good in season and out.

Here’s how to SOAP

SScripture: You will read the daily passage of the month and write it down in your personal journal, journal I provide or bible. Writing it down allows you to concentrate on the words that God is giving you for that day.

O – Observation: What is this passage saying to you? What words stand out? Who is God speaking to?

AApplication: How can you apply this passage to your life today? Are there any changes you need to make in your life?

PPrayer: Pray and ask God to reveal himself to you or pray the passage back to him.

Using this method along with my daily bible study reading plan will allow you to dig deeper into Gods word and apply it to your life. Once you welcome Gods word in your mind, body and soul then you will be more equipped to tackle the world head on!

Here’s an example of my personal SOAP (but you can do what works for you):

1 Samuel 2 2 SOAP bible study example

If you are ready to learn more about Jesus and would love to start a daily bible study, click here !

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