Transcribe The Word – Online Bible Study & Journal Challenge

Are you studying the Bible or just reading it? The single biggest struggle Christians face is lack of consistency in studying scripture. When it comes to daily bible study reading I must admit that I too fall short on a consistent basis even though my intentions are great in the beginning.

I need to learn and follow Jesus on a much-needed basis, but when family, work, recreation and “fill in the blank” happens, my daily study scripture reading gets pushed aside.

I have tried reading daily devotional scriptures. My desire was to do better, but never stuck to a bible study reading plan that consistently worked.

So with much prayer, I’ve researched and combined the S.O.A.P. bible study method with my own plan that works for me and prayerfully for you too!

This is the simplest, quick but fulfilling way to absorb Gods written word on a daily basis for those who are inconsistent, unmotivated and very busy!

That being said, I’m excited to introduce you to…

Transcribe The Word – Online Bible Study & Journal Challenge that Puts Gods Word To Paper

Online bible studies and bible journaling may or may not be new to some of you (it is for me).  But I found that writing it down is one of the best ways to challenge and develop a habit of reading, praying and memorizing Gods word. Journaling scripture is not just about a better understanding of the content of the Bible; it also helps us increase our expectation of meeting God in his Word.

In the hustle and bustle of our daily schedules with work, family, kids, school and even church, we find it hard to slow down and spend time with the Lord. We may have difficulty even remembering that He’s there longing to talk, walk and speak to us, through His word.

We often miss out on the awesome opportunities to share our world with the one who knows us the best, so let’s change it today…

The goal of Scripture engagement is to meet God in his Word. Writing the Bible out by hand offers us the unique opportunity to participate in an activity that forces us to slow down the process of reading and encourages a more reflective engagement with God’s Word. It gives us more time to think about what is written and to dwell on the meaning and implications of a passage. Hand copying is a focusing activity. Too often we read quickly and forget what we’ve read within a few minutes. Hand copying helps combat quick, surface level reading. ~Bible Gateway

Transcribe The Word is a 5-day online topical bible study and journaling challenge designed to quickly learn and dive into Gods word in just 10-15 mins a day based on a monthly theme.  The benefit of a 5-day study (as opposed to a 7-day study) is that there is less chance of falling far behind. As you read and write out the daily verse(s) in the print or digital study materials I provide, meditate on what God is saying directly to your heart. Gods word is alive and applicable to today’s living!

Feel free to use your favorite bible translation of choice, but I’m using the English Standard Version from my app on YouVersion.

Who is this study for?

Whether you’re an individual going through this with our online community or a small group at home or church, I have resources you need to make this study a success!

Here’s how to use SOAP in your Bible Study and learn how to dig deeper into Gods word…

SScripture: You will read the daily verse(s) of the month and write it down in your personal journal.

O – Observation: What is this verse(s) saying to you? What words stand out? Who is God speaking to?

AApplication: How can you apply this verse(s) to your life today? Are there any changes you need to make?

PPrayer: Pray and ask God to reveal himself to you or pray the verse(s) back to him.

how to use soap in your bible study
Click the pic for more info about the SOAP method

Here’s what you’ll get delivered to your inbox 

  • Free Printable page with the monthly scriptures that will be read and written on a 5-day basis.
  • Free Printable journal pages to easily SOAP through your verses. Feel free to underline and highlight words or verses that come alive from the Holy Spirit!
  • Affordable online study and e-Journal with additional prayer requests and praise pages. You can easily download to your desktop and/or print to add to your favorite journal binder!

If you happen to miss a day, it’s easy to catch up. I don’t want you to ever feel overwhelmed or it’s something else to mark off your to-do list. It’s just a simple commitment that will change your busy, hectic, life for the better – verse by verse, word by word.

At the end of every month, you will find a genuine closeness with God that’s easy and habit-forming. It’s comforting to know Gods written word will remain in your heart as a shield against life’s struggles!

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Update! There’s never a dull moment as a disciple of Jesus Christ! We are all a work in progress 🙂 Living day to day for Him, is something that we must all strive to do. That being said, as of April 1st, 2018 I will no longer create Transcribe The Word bible challenges.

Starting August 13th, 2018, I’m creating new Personal Growth Bible Studies that helps those who struggle with reading and studying Gods word on a consistent basis,  simpler and more engaging (me included)!

Even though I’m trying to create something that allows us to take part of Jesus’s life and teachings  – we all must be obedient enough to do the work! Amen

With Gods direction, my Personal Growth Studies will address and solve common strongholds, problems, chaos and temptations Christians face with Gods word! Click here for more info

Thankfully, you can still take the Transcribe The Word challenge now! I believe that these challenges will allow you to dive deeper, journaling into Gods word on a daily basis.

When you join, you will receive a link to all previous challenges conveniently delivered right to your inbox to study at your own pace! You will also be notified via email when something new or upcoming is revealed, so I don’t want you to miss out!

Are you ready?

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