Transcribe The Word: Unspeakable Joy – Bible Study Week 4 Summary

Unspeakable Joy week 4 summary

Praise God that we finished Week 4 of Unspeakable Joy Bible Study & Journal Challenge!

We started this week celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and ended the week anticipating the start of a new and renewed 2018 New Year!

I pray that you’ve enjoyed this week spending time in Gods word. Even though it was pretty busy for me and I know for you as well, let’s not forget to welcome God into our lives on a daily basis!

Let’s recap and enjoy our 4th and final week of Unspeakable Joy!

(Mon) Read & SOAP – Psalm 126:5

God never promised that our lives would be filled with happiness 24/7. On earth we will experience pain, hardship and sorrow.

Even today as the world celebrates Christmas, some of you may not find the joy and happiness that this holiday is supposed to bring. It may be another day of sadness.

But God who is the Father of all says that these feelings are only temporary. Your pain can and will subside with Gods help. Turn it over to Jesus because he can work it out!


 (Tues & Wed) Read & SOAP Romans 14:17 and Isaiah 51:11

In the busyness of the holidays and time spent with family, I wasn’t able to post the scripture readings for Tuesday and Wednesday with my personal thoughts!

But for those whose been reading and writing along – here you go! 🙂


(Thurs & Fri) Read & SOAP Matthew 2:10 and Luke 6:23

The last bible study challenge for 2017!

Thanks again to all whose participated! Stay tuned for my ReNewed! “Transcribe The Word” Bible study for 2018 starting Jan 1st 

I’ve made some simpler & affordable changes that I’m sure you’ll love! Gods word is still alive and well 

Be blessed and ready on Jan 1st  for an awesome New Year 


I pray that you enjoyed this study as your personal time with God or in a small bible study group! Feel free to share with friends and family 🙂  If you didn’t get a chance to study with us – you can do it at your own leisure by clicking the link below to receive your study materials!

If you have any questions or would love to share what you learned, please tell us about it in the comments 🙂 We would also love for you to share your thoughts and join our FB group here

I look forward to seeing you here next Monday!

Is there anything that you’re joyful to God for this past week? Tell us in the comments…



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