Transcribe The Word: Thanking God For People – Bible Study Week 4 Summary

Thanking God For People week 4 summaryPraise God that we finished Week 4 the final week of Thanking God For People Bible Study & Journal!

This has been another awesome month to celebrate Gods grace towards us as his people. We have given thanks to God for you and all of the love that you’ve shown towards one another.

We’ve celebrated our ups and downs, love and support and tolerance for our fellow-man. We’ve acknowledged the strength of those who were initially afraid to take a stand against physical and mental abuse – stand up and say “No more!”

We are still a work in progress, but God has given us all the tools in this life to make it! We’ve also learned that as long as we stay together, on one accord, we can accomplish and conquer anything in Jesus name – the Author and Finisher of our Faith!

Thanking God For You – His People…

Let’s continue praying for this world and recap what we’ve read and journaled from our 4th and last week…

(Mon) Psalm 34:8 – SOAP Psalm 34:8

Most seasoned Christians know this scripture. It’s something that we proclaim and sing  when we are witnessing and claiming our love for Jesus Christ! 

Our God doesn’t force himself on anyone. But if you are on the fence and not quite sure if you want to give your life completely over to him – he says “just try me and see…”

If you’re not all in and still trying to do things your way – Give Jesus a test or trial run to see if he’s everything you want and need!

Blessings to you once you decide to take the leap of faith as a true believer in Gods kingdom  What do you have to lose?

 (Tues) 1 Corinthians 16:18 – SOAP 1 Corinthians 16:18

I’m sure that you have that one person who you know that goes over and beyond their call of duty. It could be at work, church or even at home.

They are the ones that bend over backwards helping others succeed or volunteer at every event and never ask for anything in return. You know the ones and you may even be that one!

When you or someone shows acts of love and kindness to their fellow-man, you know God is in the midst! We praise God for you and want to give you your flowers  while you can still smell them  #thankingGodforpeople

(Wed) 2 Timothy 1:3 – SOAP 2 Timothy 1:3

We continue thanking God and keeping you in our prayers. #thankingGodforpeople

(Thurs) Ephesians 4:25 – SOAP Ephesians 4:25

We all know that sometimes the truth hurts.

When we are not living our best lives, it’s hard to accept the truth from a dear friend or loved one when a change needs to be made.

No, we are not always living the way God would have us to live. But he says in his word that we are all members of the same bodily family who should take care of one another!

True family members should always try to help each other when we fall.  The key to effectively accomplish this is love Amen  #thankingGodforpeople

(Fri) John 15:13 – SOAP John 15:13

You may have a friend, family member or even a secret admirer that loves you so much that they proclaim that “they would die for you!”

Loving someone unconditionally has a way of allowing us to do things for loved ones that we may not do for just anyone.

But, does God mean dying figuratively or physically?

We know there are stories in the Bible and today where people died for the sake of others. We also know that Jesus laid down his life for EVERYONE and rose again that we all may experience life eternal with him!

It’s hard to know if one would truly lay down their life for something given the chance, but I’m so glad that Jesus loved EVERYONE so much that he wasn’t afraid to die for our sinful behavior no matter what.  #thankingGodforpeople

I pray that you’ve enjoyed this study as your personal time with God or in a small bible study group! Feel free to share with friends and family 🙂  If you didn’t get a chance to study with us – you can do it at your own leisure by clicking the link below to receive your study materials!

If you have any questions or would love to share what you learned, please tell us about it in the comments 🙂 We would also love for you to share your thoughts and join our FB group here

I look forward to seeing you here next Monday! We’ll start our next Study and Journal – Unspeakable Joy!

Is there anyone or anything that you are Thankful to God for? Tell us in the comments…



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