Transcribe The Word: Thanking God For People – Bible Study Week 2 Summary

Thanking God for People Week 2 SummaryPraise God that we finished Week 2 of Thanking God For People Bible Study & Journal!

As we look back over this past week, we want to acknowledge and pray for all of the women and men who were brave enough to speak up about the physical and mental abuses in Hollywood! We know that many of us have experienced this same kind of abuse in the work place or even at home.

Unfortunately, many people in power abuse it to manipulate and control their victims. Satan is still the mastermind behind this behavior as another way to destroy Gods people.

Praise God that as believers, we have Jesus Christ to help us overcome this abuse by allowing Him to repair our hearts and minds! He ultimately gets the glory and will use this test as another testimony for his good 🙂

Thanking God For You – His People…

Let’s continue praying for this world and recap what we’ve read and journaled from our 2nd week…

(Mon) Philippians 1:3 – SOAP Philippians 1:3

People of God have endured pain, turmoil and grief just as everyone else has. But we also stand on each others shoulders through those times as strong towers of love, hope and peace! We thank God for you #thankingGodforpeople

 (Tues) 2 Timothy 1:3 – SOAP 2 Timothy 1:3

I’m sure that you know of someone who constantly prayed for you. It could have been Mom, Dad, Grandma or a close friend. I would even like to think that our ancestors, the ones that we never got to meet, also prayed for our families to be proud, safe, happy, free and thankful to God! A God who brought us from a mighty long way 😊 We thank God for you 😍 #thankingGodforpeople

(Wed) Philemon 1:4 – SOAP Philemon 1:4

It’s always a great feeling to pray for friends, family and for our country. It’s also another great feeling to be thanked and prayed for by those people who appreciate you for what and who you are – a beautiful child of God! We thank God for you  #thankingGodforpeople

(Thurs) Colossians 1:3 – SOAP Colossians 1:3

Did you ever have a time in your life when you were going through a hard, challenging time and felt you were alone? Then all of a sudden a close friend or loved one called or showed up saying “I was just thinking about you!” God has a way of always sending those comforts just when we need someone to talk with or a shoulder to cry on for support. Through good and bad – We pray and thank God for you  #thankingGodforpeople

(Fri) 1 Thessalonians 1:2 – SOAP 1 Thessalonians 1:2

Prayers going out to anyone and everyone who’s been violated physically or mentally in the workplace or elsewhere! It’s hard living in a world where misconduct is running rampant. Praise God for those brave women and men whose chosen to say NO MORE! We pray and thank God for you this Friday and always  #thankingGodforpeople

I pray that you’re enjoying this study as your personal time with God or in a small bible study group! Feel free to share with friends and family 🙂  If you didn’t get a chance to study with us – you can do it at your own leisure by clicking the link below to receive your study materials!

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I look forward to seeing you here next Monday! We’ll recap our 3rd week of thanking God for you!

Is there anyone or anything that you are Thankful to God for? Tell us in the comments…



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