Transcribe The Word: Ruth – Woman of Substance – Bible Study Week 3 Summary

Praise God that we finished the 3rd week of Transcribe The Word – Harvest Is Plenty Laborers Are Few

Ruth – Woman of Substance Bible Study and Journal

We studied Ruth, a beautiful girl from Moab, who was chosen by God to also become a laborer for him. Within ten years Ruth’s father in law, Elimelech and husband, Mahlon died in Moab after leaving Bethlehem from a prevailing famine. They left Ruth and her mother in law, Naomi alone and destitute not knowing which way to turn.

The other widowed wife and sister-in-law named Orpah chose to return to Moab, but a bitter Naomi chose to go back to Bethlehem to be among her people. Rather than staying in Moab, an idolatry society, Ruth chose to cling and follow behind her mother in law, who was also a believer in God.

Ruth’s love for her husband’s mother is as pure as gold and as strong as death. Ruth’s declaration of love and loyalty for Naomi is one of the purest and most unselfish form of devotion.

In an age like ours with its ever-growing number of broken relationships, homes and loveless lives it is most refreshing to go back to the charming picture of loyalty to family. Because Naomi showed love to Ruth, she became a devout worshiper of the true God.

It was no mere chance that brought Boaz and Ruth together, for the steps of God’s children are directed by Him. Little did she know that she would become his much-loved wife and mother of King David’s grandfather, Obed.

Ruth was a Gentile, Boaz a Hebrew. Boaz redeemed Ruth’s possession and then became her husband. All have sinned, both Jews and Gentiles, but Jesus died for all, and His church is composed of regenerated Jews and Gentiles whom He calls His Bride. (Zondervan)

A Gentile by birth, Ruth still became the chosen line through which later the Saviour of the world appeared.

Let’s recap what we’ve read and journaled from last week…

(Mon) Ruth 1:4 & 1:14 – SOAP Ruth 1:4 & 1:14

Harvest is plenty Ruth 1:14

(Tues) Ruth 1:16-17 & Ruth 2:3 – SOAP Ruth 1:16 & Ruth 2:3Harvest is plenty Ruth 1-16

(Wed) Ruth 2:13 & Ruth 2:19 – SOAP Ruth 2:13 & Ruth 2:19Harvest is plenty Ruth 2-19

(Thurs) Ruth 3:11, 16 & Ruth 4:5 – SOAP Ruth 3:11 & Ruth 4:5Harvest is plenty Ruth 4-5

(Fri) Ruth 4:10, 4:13 & Matthew 1:5 – SOAP Ruth 4:10 & Ruth 4:13Harvest is plenty Ruth 4-13

Our 4th and last week of Harvest Is Plenty Laborers Are Few starts today! We’ll be reading the story of Paul – The Apostle.

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