Transcribe The Word: Moses-Lost and Found-Bible Study Week 1 Summary

Praise God that we finished the 1st week of Transcribe The Word – Harvest Is Plenty Laborers Are Few Moses Lost and Found Bible Study Journal!

We studied Moses who was chosen by God to be a laborer for him. He chose Moses to lead the Israelites, out from the bondage of Pharoah and into the land that he promised them.

Pharoah commanded that all of the newborn boys in the land drown in the Nile River. But God had other plans when Moses’s mother prayed that he would be found in the Nile River where she placed him.

He was indeed found by the Pharoah’s daughter, who raised him as if he were her own. God started setting his plan in place and Moses became the greatest prophet, spokesperson and leader for Him.

When I think about Moses life, he must have felt empty by losing the family he always knew. He was snatched away from riches, prestige and honor to be led away to a people who were slaves, impoverished and in bondage. Why would he want to leave his cushy life to live a life-like that? As we know, God had much bigger plans for him.

Some of us can relate to his struggle. We want a cushy life, without heartache, struggles and pain. We also want to live with riches, prestige and glory on earth. I’m all for the cushy life, however I also know that it’s not realistic to think this way.

As laborers for God, we must be willing to let go of riches, prestige and glory of this world. We might even have to let go of family and friends who try to keep us away from Gods calling. It’s never easy, but God equips and gives us what we need to succeed.

There’s nothing wrong with having money or the finer things in life, but nothing should replace God and his will. We must be obedient and be willing to give it all up just like Moses did. Our job is to tell others about a God who saves!

We may not be the best speaker, have a lot of courage or feel that we are worthy, but God thinks otherwise. He can take nothing and turn it into something pretty awesome 🙂

These scripture verses are small snippets of Moses’s life. If you haven’t read the entire book of Exodus, please do so.  Let’s pattern ourselves after Moses as an example of a man who was imperfect in many ways to become the perfect person that God chose to use!

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Moses: Exodus 3:2-6 & Exodus 3:10-22 – SOAP Exodus 3:4-5 & Exodus 3:10-12

Moses Exodus 3:10-12

Moses: Exodus 4:1-9 & Exodus 6:1-8 – SOAP Exodus 4:4-5 & Exodus 6:8

Moses Lost and Found Exodus 6:8Moses: Exodus 8:20 & Exodus 14:21 – SOAP Exodus 8:20 & Exodus 14:21

moses lost and found Exodus 8:20

Moses: Exodus 33:12-16 & Exodus 34:28 – SOAP Exodus 33:13-14 & Exodus 34:28

Moses lost and found Exodus 33:13-14

Moses: Hebrews 3:2-3 & Deuteronomy 34:10 – SOAP Hebrews 3:2-3 & Deut 34:10

Moses lost and found Hebrews 3:2-3

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