ReNewed! Transcribe The Word – Why Prayer Is Unanswered

Praise God Saints! It’s 2018 🙂 Welcome back to my friends who have been participating in my challenges over the months. If you are new – Wecome new friend!

I started Transcribe The Word – Online Bible Study & Journal Challenges approx 5-6 months ago. My goal was to get people of God (and myself) to read and journal through God’s word on a daily basis.

I have to admit, life challenges can get in the way. Satan’s goal is to keep us busy, tired, over-worked or fill in the blank. I’m no different to these problems. That meant I needed to pray and ask God for renewed direction for the coming new year. I want to be able to continue providing daily reading and journaling challenges that work. I didn’t want anyone or myself feeling guilty if we fell a few days behind!

So this year, I am making my topical bible study reading and journaling challenges a little simpler and still FREE of charge. 🙂 I previously provided a print copy or e-book/journal that can be purchased via Amazon, Kindle and PayPal that’s still available for purchase from previous studies here.

Beginning with this study,  I will only provide affordable e-journals that you can purchase and download directly via PayPal. I will also continue to provide FREE printables for you to print, share and follow along with no strings attached. I don’t want to put any monetary barriers in your way, that may prevent you from participating. As I continue to follow Jesus, I also want to continue making His word a daily part of our lives!

That being said, my prayers were answered when I asked God for a renewed direction for 2018. However, sometimes prayers go unanswered! Why? Let’s look for answers of Unanswered Prayer in Gods word over the next 4-weeks!

Bible Study & Journal Challenge for January 2018

Our next bible study and journal challenge is “Why Prayer Is Unanswered.”  I would like to believe that every time I pray to God, it gets answered. But sometimes God becomes silent to them and I never know why.

In this 4-week study, we will learn why prayer is unanswered by God, when WE think he should always answer! Even when it looks like he’s not listening, he always hears and answers according to His will. If you ever wanted to know how and why to pray for answers, follow along with us and let’s learn together! If you get behind, just pick up where you left off with no pressure to catch up.

Starts Jan 1st!

We will begin this study on Monday January 1st! Feel free to invite family, friends, co-workers, study groups or whoever you believe would benefit from this study Mon-Fri for the next 4-weeks (ending 1/26)!

I’ve provided easy and simple materials in just 10-15 mins a day (or as long as you like).  I’ve also applied the SOAP bible study method to my challenges. Click Here to learn more about SOAPing through Gods word!

Here’s the materials you’ll need:

Why is prayer unanswered Free Jan 2018 bible study

For your FREE printable copies of this challenge and SOAP journal click HERE

Why Prayer Is Unanswered EJournal

Order your Transcribe The Word: Why Prayer Is Unanswered e-Journal via PayPal and start TODAY! You’ll get my 4-week scripture reading and SOAP journal pages to read along and write your reflections, desires and prayers to God on a daily basis. You can save this 49 pg. PDF on your desktop or print the pages to add to your favorite journal binder. 
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Feel free to Join and Share your thoughts on our online FB community page at Following Jesus 101 Weekly using #unansweredprayer and #transcribetheword hashtags. I will post the daily scripture and my thoughts there and I’d love for you to join me!

Join our community for Why Prayer Is Unanswered January study! Let me know in the comments below. I would love for you to say hello 🙂 

I thank God for you,