New! Spread The Gospel: Sermon & Bible Class Sticky Notes for Kids 7-12+

How will this book of sermon and bible class sticky notes help my child during church?

spread the gospel sermon & bible class sticky notes for kids

This fun, and simple sticky notebook of sermon and bible class messages will help them discover why they come to church! No more fidgeting, horse playing, falling asleep or passing notes in Church!

When they pay close attention to what their Minister and Bible, Sunday school class teacher is teaching them about God, they’ll soon learn why God is a big part of their life and the lives of their friends and family! If they have questions later, they can always ask their minister, teacher or you (the parent) to help them better understand.

The best part is when they start learning more about God’s love and His Son, Jesus Christ they’ll be able to share Him with others. Learning how to spread the Gospel of Jesus is why we go to church!!

This year-long 8.5″ x 11″ notebook promotes attentive listening, note taking and creative imagination and will keep them occupied during service or bible class 🙂 I’m sure your child will love to reflect on as they grow in the Lord!

Also great as gifts for Holidays, Bible School summer camps and Homeschooling!

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