Following Jesus 101: Matthew-Bible Study Challenge-Week 2 Recap

Happy Tuesday Saints! My goal was to send this recap on Monday, but life happens (and Satan is always busy) so I wasn’t able to complete it in time! But Satan is not going to stop me from doing the will of God. 🙂

Sometimes things happen when God wants them to happen (and not me) – so I just look at it that way. I believe you were meant to receive my recap on Tuesday… So Praise God we made it through the 2nd full Week of reading Matthew. If you didn’t get a chance to start this challenge from the beginning Click Here and join us!

Here’s my recap for our Week 2 challenge….

 Matthew 4:1-25


What did I learn from today’s word?

Satan tried to tempt Jesus when he was in the desert forty days and nights. Even when Satan promised Jesus the world, Jesus replied back with scripture to fight him off and then told him not to test him again! Jesus’s ministry began in Galilee, so they may see the light of God.  Jesus preached to repent of their sins.  Then Jesus recruited Simon Peter and Andrew by telling them to become fishers of men and so they did.  Then he saw James and John and they immediately left their father in the boat while fishing and followed Jesus.  Soon crowds followed as Jesus began teaching and healing.

How can I apply today’s word to my life?

God has given us a way out of temptation by quoting and using his word as a defense.  We must believe and have faith in His word to shield us from danger.  Jesus has chosen us, as he chose his disciples, to drop everything and follow him.  We must believe that He can and will teach, heal and comfort us as He sees fit.

 Matthew 5:1-48


What did I learn from today’s word?

Jesus teaches us about the Beatitudes and what we must do to inherit the Kingdom.  He also tells us that he didn’t come to do away with the law of Moses but to fully explain and accomplish it.  We are the salt of the earth and the light of the world.  When the world persecutes us, be glad because we are doing the will of God.  Jesus teaches us about handling anger, adultery, divorce, vows, revenge and loving your enemies.

How can I apply today’s word to my life?

We must always be willing to follow and obey Gods law and commands.  When your flesh wants to become proud, envious, jealous, self-righteous and the like, we must remember that it only leads to destruction.  Everything we do in this body must be to glorify God.

Matthew 6:1-34


What did I learn from today’s word?

Whenever we give, we shouldn’t do it to get noticed or expect anything in return.  God sees all and will reward us accordingly.  When we pray or fast, we should also do it in secret, so we don’t appear to act holy or righteous. God still sees and knows our prayers before we ask. Jesus teaches us how to pray, even telling us what we should say. Don’t store up money or possessions on earth – only in Heaven.  We can’t serve two masters, because we will love one and despise the other.  We can’t serve both money and God.

How can I apply today’s word to my life?

We must remember to serve and worship God with a desire to have a personal relationship with him. We can’t do it to show the world what we’ve done. We don’t need to worry about food, clothing or shelter because God will take care of our needs.  We don’t need to worry at all, because we can’t change anything, only God can, so we must have faith on a daily basis knowing that we’re taken care of.

Matthew 7:1-29


What did I learn from today’s word?

Do not judge others unless you want to be judged.  We can’t try to help someone else and our life is messed up.  We must clean our lives before we can help to clean others.  In order to have an effective prayer – Jesus says to keep asking, seeking and knocking and it will be given.  Do to others what you want them to do to you.  Entering into Heaven is narrow and many will not enter.  Everyone who calls on the Lord and perform miracles, will not see him.  Beware of false teachers.  Whoever obeys God’s word is wise.

How can I apply today’s word to my life?

This scripture speaks to working on yourself and your shortcomings. We can be quick to look at others lives and decide what’s acceptable or not in their lives. Jesus says to make sure we’re clean, before trying to clean others.  When we pray, we must come to God believing it will happen and never give up on our prayers.  It’s hard to stay on the right road to God, and most will not accept Him, but we must do his will in order to live our best life!

 Matthew 8:1-34


What did I learn from today’s word?

Jesus healed a man of leprosy by simply touching him.  He told him not to tell anyone except the priest as his public testimony.  A Roman officer asked Jesus to heal his servant and because he believed it happened.  Jesus told him that he had more faith as a Gentile, than the Israelites whom the Kingdom was prepared for.  Then Jesus healed Peters mother in law and cast out many demons.  Jesus told a teacher of religious law to leave everything to follow him, even not being able to bury his father.  When the disciples started across the lake, a bad storm happened, when Jesus was sleeping.  Jesus asked, “why are you afraid?” before he calmed down the storm. Two men possessed with demons, met Jesus and he sent them into a herd of pigs that went over a cliff and drowned.

How can I apply today’s word to my life?

This scripture is all about trusting God to heal us of everything physical and mental.  He knows our bodies will go through this, but he wants us to trust and have faith.  He also wants us to be willing to drop everything and everyone to follow him wherever he leads.  God has the ability and control to cast out demons. We must not be afraid, because they must obey and flee at the sound of his voice.

Matthew 9:1-38


 What did I learn from today’s word?

Jesus continues healing and resurrecting people of faith.  When Jesus said “be encouraged your sins are forgiven” to a paralyzed man, the teachers accused him of blasphemy.  Jesus told them that he would prove that he was the Son of Man with authority to forgive sins.  Jesus called Matthew (a tax collector) to follow him and he did.  When they all ate dinner at Matthew’s home, the Pharisees asked why Jesus was eating with the scum of the earth.  Jesus said that he came for the sinners and not the righteous. When asked about fasting, Jesus said “no one puts wine in old skins, but new ones” and that they should only fast when he leaves – awaiting his return.  As Jesus was going to a home to resurrect a 12 yr old girl who had died, a woman who had bled for 12 yrs, touched his robe and was immediately healed because of her faith.  When he arrived at the home, he resurrected the little girl and shortly after, healed two blind men due to their faith.  Jesus tells the disciples that the harvest is plenty – but the workers are few.

How can I apply today’s word to my life?

Jesus is showing us that he has all power and authority to heal, forgive and resurrect our earthly bodies. We must believe that he can and will do so, if he chooses to, for his glory. Jesus came to save sinners and those who didn’t believe in him, so that means that he came for you and me! Everything that’s written in his word is to prove to us that he lives and exists. But we must choose to believe what happened and is still happening today. Because he performed miracles, forgave sins and used people who believed as testimonials, we have proof that his word is true. We must go out into the world and proclaim the love of Jesus, while we still have a chance, because there are many who are lost and need to hear the word of God before it’s too late.  Amen

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