Following Jesus 101 – Gospel of John Bible Reading Plan Challenge Intro

*This challenge is over but you can still take the challenge*

When I started following Jesus more closely as an adult, I didn’t know where to start reading about Him in the Bible. I knew about Matthew, Mark, Luke and John as the first four books of the New Testament Gospels, but didn’t realize how in dept Jesus story is – told by all of his disciples who followed Him.

What better way to learn about Jesus, but through the eyes of his closest friends! Right?

I have to admit that I’ve read the first 12 books of the bible, but I haven’t read the books of the bible in their entirety after this. Like most of you, I’ve read various scriptures as needed, verses of the day and scriptures that our Pastor asked us to read before his sermon – but I’ve never read them completely as I should.

As a follower of Jesus, it’s my duty to read His word, pray about what I’ve read and apply it to my life. Unfortunately, life happens and reading becomes something for the back burner. I can’t teach and show you or my kids how to faithfully live and apply God’s word, if I haven’t completely done it myself!

So after praying for direction – Following Jesus 101: Bible Reading Plan Challenge was created.

This world is hurting and moving further away from the teachings of Jesus. Christians are walking away from the faith and accepting the worldly views that Jesus taught against. Unfortunately, Jesus said “my people are destroyed from the lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6)

Let’s educate ourselves and read God’s word for ourselves! As these things continue to happen in this world (and they will), we as Christians won’t be surprised or caught off guard…. We will have the armor of God for protection!

I’ve researched others who suggest starting with the Gospel of John. So I found and re-created a PDF of the Gospel of John as a realistic reading plan. My goal is to read through it in 6 weeks!

Guess what? I would love for you to join me! If you feel that you need to learn more about Jesus and haven’t had the chance to read John or just need a refresher, let’s do it together… 🙂

I will be reading the verses that are outlined in my reading plan. Please join me and click the link below to download or print the reading plan (it’s also great for your kids as a beginner reading plan and I’ve made it fun to follow)!

Sometimes life happens – so don’t worry if you are unable to read daily, but try to double up if you miss a day. The object is to create a daily habit of reading God’s word – by learning about Jesus and why we should follow Him!

After we finish this reading plan, I will announce the next reading plan until we get through all 4 Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) of Jesus.

Along with the daily bible reading plan, I will occasionally post verses that stand out to me or my thoughts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter using hashtags #followingjesus101 and #johnbiblereadingchallenge. I really encourage you to join me and share this plan with your friends and family on social media for additional support. 🙂

Let’s meet daily on social media and share what God has put on our hearts in the comments (or you can keep it to yourself as a personal connection with God)…

So are you ready? Let’s Go… Click Here and happy reading!


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