Depressed: When Satan Still Won’t Leave You Alone

Depressed when satan still wont leave you alone

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he saves those whose spirits are crushed.”  Psalm 34:18

Are you depressed?

What does being depressed mean? The Dictionary says, “In a state of general unhappiness. Sad. Low spirit. Gloom. Sinking. Spiritless.”

Early 2016, I started the New Year disclosing why Satan wouldn’t leave me alone. If you’re interested, you can read it here.  Looking back over the 2017 year, I had ups and downs just like the next person. Because of these downs, I fell into a depressed state that only God could deliver me from.

I know some of you are depressed in one form or another. Just living in the world today, it’s pretty easy to feel this way. From natural disasters to killings of innocent people to losing a job, home or loved one. Our minds and spirits will take a beating. And we continue to wonder why Satan still won’t leave us alone…

Does this sound like you? Are you experiencing a low spirit? Are you sad? When you find yourself going through ups and downs on a constant basis, it can seem that there’s no end in sight. You pray to God for help or understanding and no answers are coming your way. And the next thing you know – you’re in a depressed state of mind.

Sometimes being depressed can occur over a period of time and other times one dramatic event, such as loss of a loved one or prized possession, will cause deep depression. There are others who have been diagnosed as being depressed due to a chemical imbalance in the body. No matter how depression occurs, it’s not God’s will for your life.

Can you relate to not wanting to get out of bed in the morning? Are you not motivated to want to do much of anything? Are you tired all of the time? I can relate to some of these feelings, because I have felt all of them at one point in my life. And I have family members who live with this disease as well. Life has a way of beating you down. And life has a way of taking and never giving. Therefore, life has a way of making you feel spiritless.

Well, guess what? Satan designed it this way again. Depression is just another spirit to take you away from God’s plan of being a light into this world. He knows that if you are too tired, beat down, defeated and spiritless, then there’s no way to accomplish God’s will. You just keep putting it off until the next day, by telling yourself that it can wait until tomorrow. Guess what again? That day never comes.

Consequences of depression

Depression will also destroy families. For example, if parents lose a child and can’t seem to understand or overcome this loss, they can stop communicating, start blaming each other and end their marriage. Instead of them going to God and trusting him, even at their worst hour, they live in a state of depression and turn against each other.

Being in a constant state of sadness or gloom will pull a family apart. The other family members will not understand why that family member is sad all the time. They might not “get it.” They just want them to snap out of it! Sometimes when Satan gets a hold on your mental state, it’s hard to come out of it. You’re trapped again.

Let’s be clear, if you suffer from a chemical imbalance, you must follow your doctor’s instructions in order to live a productive life. It’s not always easy and isn’t a quick fix, but one that can be managed with medication, prayer and God’s help!

You can overcome depression

“You are the one who lights my lamp – The Lord my God illumines my darkness. With you I can charge into battle; with my God I can leap over a wall.” Psalms 18:28-29

Sometimes overcoming depression is making a conscious effort to be cheerful. I know it may be easier said than done. But just making that small effort can trigger a change. We all know that if you have a happy attitude, most likely it will be reciprocated. If you are around negative people, then you become negative. If your nature is to be cheerful, then spread that gift to others. You’ll be surprised at the kindness you receive back.

Romans 12:8 says,“If your gift is encouragement, devote yourself to encouraging. The one giving should do it with no strings attached. The leader should lead with passion. The one showing mercy should be cheerful.”

We have all experienced giving to others in need. I’m pretty sure, you felt better after doing so, because of the response that person gave you. I believe God planted this feeling within our hearts, because he wants us to experience the joy that giving brings. As we know it’s better to give than to receive.

2 Corinthians 9:7 says,“Everyone should give whatever they have decided in their heart. They shouldn’t give with hesitation or because of pressure. God loves a cheerful giver.”

This scripture is used at church during tithes and offering to let us know what God says about giving.  I know this covers all types of giving. When you give, it shouldn’t be just to receive back, or for selfish reasons. But for the pure joy of helping someone else in need.

God never promised us that this life would be easy. He tells us that we will suffer as Jesus did on earth. Our suffering is a testimony to others. It’s designed to help those that will go through some of the same problems, to overcome those problems. It’s meant for encouragement and support. Notice that you can’t truly help a friend or loved one if you haven’t gone through something.

1 Corinthians 14:3 says, “Those who prophesy speak to people, building them up, and giving them encouragement and comfort.”

God is the ultimate comforter in our times of sorrow and depression. We must always remember that we have a way out when trouble times arise. He’s the comforter who comforts the comfortless. He’s the one who takes us out of our gloomy state and gives us hope. We are only able to help others, because our God comforts us first.

2 Corinthians 1:4 says, “He’s the one who comforts us in all our trouble so that we can comfort other people who are in every kind of trouble. We offer the same comfort that we ourselves received from God.”

Stop Satan with encouragement

Encouraging yourself and others will also help lead you out of a depressed state. I know when I’m feeling down about something or grief-stricken, giving someone else a kind word or uplifting others who are more depressed than me, took the attention off of me and onto that person. My encouragement towards them did a 360 degree turn and I ended up encouraging myself! Proverbs 12:25 says, “Anxiety leads to depression, but a good word encourages.”

Romans 1:12 also says, “What I mean is that we can mutually encourage each other while I am with you. We can be encouraged by the faithfulness we find in each other, both your faithfulness and mine.”

God plants encouragement into our hearts to help us overcome. We couldn’t do it without knowing that we are encouraged to keep our faith in him. Encouragement leads to hope and hope leads to peace. This peace can only come from God.

When God sent his son Jesus to save us from our sins, encouragement entered the world. Joy entered the world. Peace entered the world. The world has been conquered and defeated because of Christ. You don’t have to stay in the depressed state of mind that you’re in, because Jesus gave you the victory over all of it!

John 16:33 says,“I’ve said these things to you so that you will have peace in me. In the world you have distress. But be encouraged!  I have conquered the world.”

You can have joy

What great joy in knowing that depression, pain and suffering will soon be over! When Jesus comes back to take us away with him forever, then we won’t have to worry about these things anymore. But in the meantime, he gave us the tools to succeed in his word. 2 Thessalonians 2:17 says, “May he encourage your hearts and give you strength in every good thing you do or say.”

And lastly Hebrews 3:13 says,“Instead, encourage each other every day, as long as it’s called “today”, so that none of you become insensitive to God because of sin’s deception.”

God promises us that he will take all of our burdens away, if we give it to him. It may seem easy to keep things to yourself and deal with it, but God tells us to give all of our issues to him. We are too weak to deal with all of the pressures of the world. We try to hang in there, but we are not equipped to do it alone. Satan has a stronghold on our lives that we can’t fight off without help!

So God says in Psalms 55:22,“Cast your burden on The Lord – he will support you! God will never let the righteous be shaken!”

I believe God! How about you?

New Mental Shift

Depression will not take control over my life. When I am feeling sad and spiritless, I will count on God to lift my spirit with joy! Get behind me Satan – You lose again 🙂 Amen

Let’s Talk & Pray!

What do you need to be free from today? If you are suffering from depression or anything that you feel Satan has a stronghold over you, I would love to pray for you. Feel free to pray for each other, if your soul desires in the comments. If you would like to remain anonymous, it’s ok – Just simply submit a prayer request and we will go to God on your behalf! Scroll down to the bottom of this page and get started…

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