Following Jesus 101: Gospel of John – Bible Reading Plan Challenge

 (This challenge is complete – but you can still receive the daily bible study by clicking the link below)

I will post the daily scripture readings and occasionally my thoughts or scriptures that stand out on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using hashtags – #followingjesus101 and #Johnbiblereadingchallenge and invite you to connect and share what you’ve learned in the comments!

After completing John, we will work our way through the remaining Gospels of Jesus (Matthew, Mark, Luke).

This world is hurting and moving further away from the teachings of Jesus Christ. Christians are walking away from the faith and accepting the worldly views that Jesus taught against. Unfortunately, Jesus said “my people are destroyed from the lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6)

Let’s educate ourselves and read God‘s word for ourselves! As these things continue to happen in this world (and they will), we as Christians won’t be surprised or caught off guard…. We will have the armor of God for protection!

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P.S. The next Gospel of Matthew 5-week Bible Study Plan is now complete, but Click Here to start this reading plan along with your Free Bible Study Journal and Bookmark 🙂