A Simple Christmas Story – Gospel of Luke – Upcoming 20-Day Bible Study Reading Challenge

*This challenge is complete but you can still participate below*

Praise God Saints! We’ve taken a short break from my bible study reading challenges. Now Christmas time is here and the story of Jesus’s birth is upon us. As we know – Jesus is the reason for the season! 🙂

In my previous bible study reading challenges, we’ve read through the entire gospels of John, Matthew and Mark. Instead of reading through the entire Gospel of Luke (which we should do privately), I wanted to do something a bit different and simply read and share about Jesus birth. Ultimately, he is the reason why we are here and who we choose to follow right?!

So for this challenge, we will be reading (5-6) verses per day of the Gospel of Luke, Chapters 1 and 2 (stopping at verse 21) for (20) days (Mon-Fri) – starting Nov 28th through Dec 23rd, 2016!

God loves you and so do I!


TIPS: Digging deeper into Scripture

Repetitive reading can take us deeply into Gods word, which increases our understanding and draws us closer to Jesus and the life that we pattern ourselves after.

  • 1st read – Familiarize yourself with what God is saying. Notice people and places and try to imagine the scene in your mind.
  • 2nd read – Notice what word or phrase and verse stands out to you and highlight it for reference and further meditation. Look up words you don’t know on a Bible concordance
  • 3rd read – Pray as you read though the verse thanking God for his word.
  • 4th read – Ask God to show you how he wants you to live based on the verse. Is there something he would want you to start, stop or continue doing?

FREE Printables

  • You’ll receive a Bible Study Journal to record your prayers, words or verses that spoke to you and what you learned from God’s word for the day.
  • Weekly scripture reading at a glance to print for your convenience on Monday’s.

FAQ: How do I participate in this study? 

  • I’ve tried to make it as simple as possible. Kids, teens and bible study beginners can even follow along! Just enter your email above and you will receive the Gospel of Luke bible study reading challenge on Mon Nov 28th!
  • Saturday and Sunday are your FREE days to spend time with family and friends or deeper study. Yea!
  • You can choose to study at home alone, with family or a group of friends, following the guide of the study plan. Feel free to Share this Page! 🙂 
  • In addition, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I’ll share the daily readings on all three. I welcome you to join me in the discussion and share your thoughts as well!

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