Transcribe The Word: Persistent Peaceful Prayer – Monthly Scripture Writing Plan & Journal For Busy Christians



We are all so busy in the hustle and bustle of life, that we don’t have enough time in our day to slow down and spend valuable time with family, friends or even church. So, where does God, prayer and reading His word fit in? Hardly ever I bet.

Daily scripture writing may be new to some of you (it is for me), but out of frustration and much research, I found that this is one of the best, consistent ways to develop a daily habit of reading, praying and memorizing Gods word.

Take time to focus on becoming more persistent in prayer as you put Gods word to paper in just 10-15 mins a day in this 86 page journaling ebook.

Feel free to doodle, draw, mark up and write down questions in the margins, as footnotes to investigate further or just to have fun! You’ll soon see your prayer life change – verse by verse, word by word.

At the end of this plan, you will find conversation with God simple and easy, like talking with your bestie. Gods written word will also remain in your heart as a shield against whatever life throws your way!

Ready? Grab a cup of coffee, your favorite bible, smartphone or tablet and let’s read and write Gods word into our hearts and lives…

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