Transcribe The Word: Thanking God For People – Bible Study Week 3 Summary

Thanking god for people week 3 summaryPraise God that we finished Week 3 of Thanking God For People Bible Study & Journal!

As we looked back over this week, we celebrated Thanksgiving in America. This is a day that we’ve chosen to give thanks for what we have and who we are with our dearest friends and families.

This is also a day that we may give back to those who are less fortunate by donating food, money or what ever may be needed. We generally come together as a people and give thanks for all we’ve accomplished thus far.

But I ultimately believe that we should give God all the thanks and praise for allowing us to have this food, shelter, clothing, wants and needs. Without Him, we would be nothing! Let’s also continue thanking God for putting love, compassion, self-worth, understanding and kindness toward one another in our hearts.

Only a God of grace and mercy would allow his people to stand together for good, even when the world around us may not!

Thanking God For You – His People…

Let’s continue praying for this world and recap what we’ve read and journaled from our 3rd week…

(Mon) 2 Thessalonians 2:13 – SOAP 2 Thessalonians 2:13

thank god for people 2 thess 2-13

For animal lovers – Have you ever experienced that great feeling of being able to choose the right animal for you & your family? That perfect dog or cat or whatever animal that pulled at your heart-strings. You knew when you saw it that it was the right one!

God looks upon us as his perfect chosen ones too. We were carefully picked out and saved through God’s love and grace as believers of Jesus Christ! I’m grateful that I’m his child. Aren’t you?  #thankingGodforpeople

 (Tues) Acts 28:15 – SOAP Acts 28:15

thank god for people acts 28-15

It’s great that God has given us a sense of community. People that we can love and depend on as Brothers and Sisters in Christ! We are not perfect.

But we are here as one body against the world that takes a stand against the evil one. We couldn’t do it without each other and the presence of the Holy Spirit.

And because of this community that God has given us – We Thank God for you! #thankingGodforpeople

(Wed) Philippians 1:5-6 – SOAP Philippians 1:5-6

Every day that we are here on Earth  is a day that God continues to work on and through us. We are his works in progress and his clay that’s molded into his liking.

Every day God gives us a chance to get it right. And each day that you’re above the dirt, you should use this time to continually seek Gods will that he has planned for you!

Don’t take it for granted because Jesus Christ is returning to redeem those who belong to Him  Thanking God for you  #thankingGodforpeople

(Thurs) 2 Thessalonians 1:3 – SOAP 2 Thessalonians 1:3

Today in America we are celebrating Thanksgiving. This is a day that we give back and give thanks for what we have and who we are with friends and family.

I also say that today is the day to give God Thanksgiving for his love and grace towards us! If it wasn’t for Him we would have nothing. As our faith grows with the help of the Holy Spirit we also grow more and more into what God needs us to be!

Our increased faith increases our love for one another. Let’s show love today and always as Gods gift  to his people! Thanking God for you  #HappyThanksgiving #thankingGodforpeople

(Fri) Psalms 126:3 – SOAP Psalms 126:3

thank god for people psalms 126-3

As we are coming to an end of 2017, I can’t help but look back over this year and thank God for his tremendous blessings in my life!

I thank him for health, strength, food, shelter, career, and love and support from friends and family. He didn’t have to do it but he did! And I wouldn’t amount to too much if he didn’t Thanking God for us  Amen  #thankingGodforpeople

I pray that you’re enjoying this study as your personal time with God or in a small bible study group! Feel free to share with friends and family 🙂  If you didn’t get a chance to study with us – you can do it at your own leisure by clicking the link below to receive your study materials!

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I look forward to seeing you here next Monday! We’ll recap our 4th and last week of thanking God for you!

Is there anyone or anything that you are Thankful to God for? Tell us in the comments…



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