Following Jesus 101: Matthew-Bible Study Challenge-Week 1 Recap

Happy Labor Day Saints! Praise God we made it through the first Week (3 days) of reading Matthew. Here’s my recap for our Week 1 challenge….

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 Matthew 1:1-25

What did I learn from today’s word?

There were 14 generations before Jesus was born to Joseph and Mary. Joseph found out that Mary was pregnant and respectively didn’t want to move forward with marriage.

But an Angel came to him in a dream and told him to marry Mary anyway, to name the baby Jesus, because He is the Savior of the world.

How can I apply today’s word to my life?

Joseph had to have real faith! Even when I am upside down in life and society says it’s unacceptable  – God says, “Trust and believe in me – I’ve got this!”

It may not make sense to me or the world, but God knows what He is doing and has a plan for my life.


 Matthew 2:1-23

day 2 matthew 2 1-23


What did I learn from today’s word?

The Magi came to find and worship Jesus, who was born in Bethlehem.  King Herod wanted to kill him because the Magi called Jesus the King of the Jews.  After the Magi found Jesus, they worshipped him and gave him gifts.

King Herod ordered his men to kill every 2 yr old boy and under, still trying to kill Jesus. An Angel came to Joseph again in a dream and told him to go to Egypt to escape until Herod died.

After moving a few more times, they ended up in Nazareth after Herod’s son took over.

How can I apply today’s word to my life?

When God wants to protect me from evil – He will!  Satan tried to kill Jesus many times, but God intervened because His will had to be done and complete. The closer I am to God, the closer he gets to me.

When I go down the wrong path and Satan tries to lead me astray, I have to allow God to bring me back on the right road of protection.  I have to put on the whole armor of God.

I must obey as God leads – even when I don’t understand why.

Matthew 3:1-17

day 3 matthew 3 1-17


What did I learn from today’s word?

John the Baptist appeared in the desert.  He was telling ALL who would listen that Jesus was coming and he was preparing the way for him.  He baptized many people, including Pharisees and Sadducees, in the Jordan River warning them that Jesus would separate the believers from unbelievers.

Then Jesus came to be baptized.  John felt unworthy, but Jesus told him to do it to fulfill the prophecy.  After Jesus was baptized, God opened up the Heavens. God took on the form of a dove and rested on Jesus, because He was pleased.

How can I apply today’s word to my life?

Jesus being baptized symbolizes a new beginning in my life.  I can’t be reborn in the flesh. But by going down in water (representing sin) and coming up (representing cleansing of sin) again – I witness to the world that I’ve accepted Jesus into my heart.

I choose to follow Him and Him alone.

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God loves you and so do I,


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